ADA-Friendly Photo Locations in the Kitsap Peninsula

Best Photo Locations for Extended Families in Kitsap County

Planning a family photo session with multiple generations can be overwhelming. From energetic youngsters to grandparents with mobility limitations, everyone’s needs have to be considered. Finding the right location is key, especially when you factor in nap schedules, meal times and those who may need to hit the road or catch a flight.

The location of your shoot can have a big impact on your session and, by extension, your images. Here are a few things I think are important to consider in your location choice.

  • Accessibility: Think bathrooms, ease of access, and comfortable seating for those who need it.
  • Shade: Don’t underestimate the power of comfort during a photo shoot, especially on sunny days.
  • Variety: A mix of scenery and spaces can keep everyone engaged and offer a dynamic range of images.

I have spent many years scouting and shooting with many extended families. Here are some of my favorite, super-accessible photo locations in the Kitsap Peninsula:

Kitsap Memorial State Park

Family holding hands and standing on a rocky beach at sunset
Image of a young boy looking back as he descends down a gravel ramp at Kitsap Memorial State Park.

Kitsap Memorial State Park offers an accessible viewing point both at the main level and at the beach via a gravel ramp. The park provides incredible views of the Olympic Mountains, making it a picturesque and accommodating spot for a family photo session. The ease of access and beautiful scenery make it a top choice for inclusive family photos.

Why I love it: The view. Seriously, it offers such an incredible view of the Olympic Mountains, especially at sunset.

Norwegian Point

A woman in a blue dress walks barefoot with a young child on an ADA-friendly beach, holding the child's hands as they both smile, creating a perfect family-friendly photo moment.
A grandmother in a blue dress kisses her infant grandson on the cheek

Just a short distance from the famous Point No Point beach, Norwegian Point offers a quieter, less crowded option with quick access and a sandy shoreline. The killer views and abundance of driftwood provide great props and seating options for those with limited mobility. It’s an ideal location for families looking for a serene and ADA-friendly environment.

Why I love it: Not super busy, lots of great driftwood to use for positioning families and to use as seats for those with limited mobility.

Buck Lake Community Park

Family playing with fallen leaves in a park during autumn.

Buck Lake Community Park is perfect for meeting multiple needs. It features a lake, walking gardens, thick forest, and meadow grass, providing a variety of backdrops for photos. The park’s diverse scenery ensures that everyone can find a comfortable spot, making it a versatile and accessible photo location.

Why I love it: The variety here can’t be beat, but the walking gardens are my favorite.

Port Gamble

A couple kiss among the dahlias in Port Gamble, WA, while their toddler sit's on his dad's shoulders and looks down.

Port Gamble is beautiful in any season, offering picturesque views and historic charm. Its accessibility and scenic variety make it a wonderful choice for ADA-friendly family photo sessions. The town’s well-maintained paths and picturesque spots provide numerous photo opportunities that cater to all mobility levels.

Why I love it: Picture-perfect in any season, but the Fall is something really special.

Woman smiling while holding a child, surrounded by family members.

More Options to Consider

If your family is staying in a cool local Airbnb or resort, ask your photographer if they are familiar with the space. Many local event and wedding venues operate as AirBNBs as well, such as Kingston House and Farm Kitchen in Poulsbo. There are also unique home rentals in the area like Blue Tree Farm and the Hobbit House.

Consider using the home of a family member for the session. If someone needs to be connected to oxygen or is on medication that makes them sleepy, their home might be the most comfortable option. Ensure your photographer knows how to utilize flash or other lighting options if the home has limited natural light.

What If It Rains?

If you are booking with me, you never have to worry about the weather! I always have an indoor ADA-friendly studio location available for rainy days and other surprises. This ensures that your photo session can go ahead smoothly, regardless of outdoor conditions.


Always pick an accessible location that is easy to navigate and provides areas to rest. This ensures that everyone in your family can be comfortable and enjoy the session. The spots listed here offer accessibility, stunning views, and a variety of backdrops to create beautiful and memorable family photos.

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