All things Family in North Kitsap

I maintain that Ferry towns are magical places, and Kingston is no exception.

My kids have grown up with the Puget Sound as their playground – building driftwood forts at Point No Point, watching salmon run in Poulsbo, scouting for moon snails in the Shine Tidelands, learning to paddleboard at Saltair Beach, and zip-lining through Forest School in Indianola.

Raising my family here has gifted me an intimate understanding of the tides, the seasonal shifts in the sunlight, and the hard-earned peace that comes with accepting that you are just not gonna make this ferry. I also know, first-hand, the challenges that arise when you have young children in tow. These insights are precisely what allows me to serve my clientele and community so well. So, I thought I would start compiling them here as a resource for other families looking to explore a little more and stress a little less.

Whether you’re a local looking for new adventures, a parent adjusting to life with a new babe, or just stuck in the ferry line and wondering what to do – I got you. I hope these resources can help you enjoy a bit of the magic that we enjoy every day.

Tuesdays at the Village Green

Graphic advertisement for an event called "Laptops & Littles" on Tuesdays from 9:45am-12:15pm at the village green community center in Kingston, WA. This weekly event is a coworking space and play area geared towards working parents with small children.

I am a working parent, which means I have two, very involved, full-time jobs. While I am immeasurably grateful I get to do a large amount of my work from my computer and home, I also find it can be very isolating. Having a toddler in tow means I am always on call, and can’t really take part in traditional co-working spaces. I know many other parents in this same exact situation, and so, the idea for Laptops & Littles was born.

Laptops & Littles is a weekly coworking space and open play area for young children. Bring your laptop and enjoy your own table space, Wifi and coffee while your little one plays with other kiddos in a large, open space stocked with quality, open-ended toys.

Held in the community room at the Village Green Community Center, both you and your kid(s) can feel good about being close to each other, while also getting some much-needed breathing room and socialization with others.

While designed with working parents in mind, this group is open to any parent or guardian looking to meet other families and friends in the area.

I’d love for you to join us!

The Village Green also houses the Kingston Library, which has some really wonderful programs for kids. Be sure to check out their event calendar! I have linked it here:

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